Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mio Can!

Initially, Piso Para Kay Mio.
You know Frances told me of a student who gave her day's allowance as donation for Mio. I can't help feel guilty and at the same time overwhelmingly grateful because my son has proven that people are innately good and I hope--even if it weren't us on the receiving end, people won't tire of helping in their own little way.
As for cancer, yes, Mio Can conquer it!

I'd like to thank Cielo Fronteras for really reaching out to Ara to ask for more cans. And my brother-in-law, Mike Manalo for making more to distribute along with his friends. He coined Mio Can and formed the group page on Facebook, like the true Art Director that he is.

If you come across these, please drop your change. Like that student's baon, rest assured it'll go a long way. If you'd like to put one in your establishment which Cha Espinar will be monitoring, please get in touch with
PS. As of blog time, we are back in the hospital for blood transfusion overnight. That really upset Mio and made him cry so hard. Three veins bulged on his left hand in pursuit of the perfect line for his IV again. And he cries again as he is paralyzed with his right hand, forbidding him to draw and stack his speed stacks. He kept asking, "I thought we're not staying here? I hate it here in the doctor's place! I want to go home!" but I told him that I never promised him anything that I wasn't sure of myself.

Except that I'll never leave him and that if we trust the doctors like how Jesus wants us to trust him in making them swift and gentle everyday that they have to "put soldiers in his body," we CANcervive this even if it means losing material things.


  1. Hi Jay! In the past I have been filling up cans for "Bantay Bata" at home. I also have given up part of my monthly SSS pension for children at PGH and World Vision. For several months now we at home have been saving our coins for "Pondo ng Pinoy"... I thought its about time now we direct all our charitable energies for Mio... Love begins at home, di ba? So where are the Mio cans?

  2. Hi Jay! I was about to ask the same question :) I will place one sa Kumon center for my students/parents. Also, I am thinking if puwede ko siya ilapit sa MCGS. May mga kilala pa naman din ako doon (techers/admin).

  3. I got an email today from someone in our office about your son. Reading through your posts made me sad and gave me courage all at once - you and Mio together make such a strong family unit. And I too believe that he will definitely go on to live a full life after he wins this battle. God bless and you both are in my prayers!

  4. hi Jasmine,I saw your blog thru a friends link on my facebook!What a small world! I was shock to see it was Mio. you see, even with mask I realized it was Mio from Happy Valley. My daughter Louise is a former classmate of Sophie in Kinder and my nephew Gaby is a classmate of Mio in Prep. My heart goes out to you both! I last saw Mio last Aug 19. exam day when I brought my daughter to school. Mio was complaining of pain in his toes nd I said to her yaya he was very pale! i even suggested i think he has to see a doctor ASAP.

    I really want to help in my own little can I get some of these MIOcan? I can bring one to Happy Valley nd some to my friends. pls email me at, maybe I'll just pick it up. we just live here in Northview 2.
    God Bless you and you are both in my prayers!!

    PS, By the way, Gaby includes Mio in his prayer even before I learned of his illness. maybe T'Ada asked them to do so.

  5. Yes, where are the Mio Cans? I would like to have one at home.

  6. For Mio Can volunteers, we are having a Mio Can Pick Up tomorrow, September 7, at Starbucks Trinoma (near Landmark Supermarket) from 1pm - 3pm. Hope you can make it! Please email for inquiries and other details.
    - Cha Espinar-Arayata

  7. ...or you simply may post your email address so I can send you other details and my contact number. Thanks again!

    - Cha Espinar-Arayata