Our Story

Mio Fights Cancer is a group of friends and family helping Jose Emilio Mendiola, a 7 year old Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia patient, who is now on the maintenance phase of his chemotherapy sessions. Since 2009, when Mio was first daignosed with the disease, the group has been organizing creative fundraisers such as Mio Cans, MioFightsCancer t-shirts, iCANCERvive baller bands, greeting cards, gift wrappers, gigs, concerts, and art exhibits to help Mio surpass the hardest phases of his treatments. Mio is coping well with his daily medication, monthly intravenous shots, and quarterly spinal injections while excelling in his academics as a scholar at the Ateneo Grade School. He has become a modern day hero for being a brave and talented yougn boy and takes interest in basketball on top of his love for drawing and coloring.

Mio Fights Cancer continues to inspire families and individuals inflicted or affected by cancer, single moms and ordinary parents alike through television and radio interviews, magazine features, this blog, a Twitter and Facebook pages read by over 50,000 online followers.

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